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We've Got Your Back Glen Ellen!

Dear Friends - Now, more than ever, it's time for all of us in Glen Ellen to join forces and support each other! The only way we can do this is by combining resources, developing a plan of action, and diligently working together to get our neighbors and our community back on its feet, as quickly as possible.

We've set up the new Recover/Rebuild page on our website to provide general information (tips, news, etc.) about post-fire recovery, and as a centralized place to offer help to, or request help from your neighbors. To participate, just complete one or both of the forms below. The Forum will monitor submissions and post available resources/services on our Recovery page, or connect folks directly. Please share this information with all of our neighbors.

Stay safe and strong! #GlenEllensGotGrit

Michael Furlong,
Chair, Glen Ellen Forum

Do You Need Help?

Fill out this form to tell your neighbors how they can help you.


Fill out this form to identify how you can help your neighbors.


Please visit the Facebook group, Keep Them In Glen Ellen - Homes For Glen Ellen Fire Victims.

"Glen Ellen friends and neighbors . . . those who have lost their homes want to stay in or near town if they can. Let's try to help them out! Is there a vacation rental near you where the landlord might consider a long term tenant? Do you know of a vacant house, or one on the market, that might be available? If so, please pass that info along via this group, and we'll get it to someone who really needs it. Rebuilding our community starts with those of us who live here . . . let's pitch in and make this happen!" - Ed Davis, Keep Them In Glen Ellen Facebook Group

When you do finally get to return to your homes...

"Most of us are just waiting for that moment when we receive word that we can return to our homes, or what was once our homes. It's all-consuming. Foremost on our minds. Yet before you go, remember that especially for those who have loss, that they should have our respect to be able to return to that sacred ground and have the opportunity to digest what they find for themselves--instead of seeing it in a post somewhere before they have returned. To grant them the dignity of returning without finding other people traipsing through their yard. This is their time to grieve, to honor what was there, and what remains--even if that is nothing. To those who have loss it is everything. I just ask that we are mindful of these things, when you return to your homes, or where your homes once stood." - Leslie Vaughn - originally posted by on Nextdoor.

Glen Ellen Village Fair Fundraising with T-shirts

Looking for a unique way to contribute to Glen Ellen fire recovery efforts? Buy one (or five) of the Glen Ellen Village Fair's #GlenEllenStrong t-shirts. Hot of the presses, you can find and buy them here!

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Watch this space for details on our second Glen Ellen Forum social.

Future Goals for Glen Ellen

Preserving and enhancing village life are two of the goals for the Glen Ellen Town Forum. To ensure that any growth or changes in the village are beneficial for all, we all need to be proactive participants in the larger conversation about what, where, and when changes occur. With that in mind, the Forum would  like to share two energizing ideas that we believe will greatly enhance our community. We have also included a draft 5-year strategic plan. This plan is intended to start a conversation around how our community might enhance village life, while ensuring the charm and rural character are not sacrificed.

Glen Ellen Plaza Proposal
Proposal by Jim Shere

Proposal by Arthur Dawson

5-Year Strategic Plan for Glen Ellen
Plan by Michael Furlong

We'd Love to Hear from You!

Please use the contact form below to send us your ideas, suggestions, or any topics you'd like to add to the agenda for the next meeting.